The Land Remains

What We Believe. 

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the elements

We believe in responsible exploration. We pack out what we pack in, including garbage (especially garbage — micro trash is the worst). We stick to established trails on foot and by 4x4 and camp on durable surfaces. We believe wildlife are kindred spirits. We are careful and conscientious with and about fire. Basically, if we could drill the Leave No Trace principles into the hearts and minds of all of the people we encounter in the wild, we would. In that vein, we don't believe in geotagging. Choose your own adventures. Get a map and a compass and go. While we'll share general details about a region and some locations will be obvious, we're not going to give you GPS coordinates — there are plenty of sites and resources that will provide those details. If there's a destination that sparks your particular passion, we're happy to share some details — if you reach out to us privately. 

the influences

We like to drink locally (and responsibly) when we're traveling. Because adventure beers are the best beers. We also drink a fair amount of Coors Banquet. Because it's cheap and tastes like the angel tears of John Denver. Also, Bourbon. And High Life. Occasionally, we'll drink a Modelo. Don't judge us.